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The NeuroSwitch

Advanced assistive communication technology from Control Bionics

If you are paralyzed, suffer from loss of speech, or loss of motor control, the NeuroSwitch provides the easiest, most effective way to communicate and control your environment. The NeuroSwitch is made for people with conditions such as acute spinal cord injury (SCI), ALS (Lou Gehrig’s Disease), MND (motor neuron disease), or cerebral palsy.

The NeuroSwitch is the only assistive communication device that works from diagnosis to advanced stages of ALS/MND. 

The NeuroSwitch enables you to control a computer using your body’s EMG signals. EMG stands for “electromyography,” the act of measuring and recording the electric voltage sent by your brain to a muscle. EMG signals have been used in clinical and research settings since the 1980s, for things like diagnosis of neuromuscular diseases, rehabilitation, and controlling prosthetic devices.

The EMG technology in the NeuroSwitch has been fine-tuned for over 7 years especially for people with severe paralysis. It can detect and amplify the faintest EMG signals. It also adapts to your body’s changes over time, requiring no manual recalibration.

How the NeuroSwitch Works

The NeuroSwitch’s small sensors sit on the surface of your skin, located on the muscle chosen to be your switch.

You tense that muscle. The NeuroSwitch detects your EMG signal, even if you can’t see or feel your muscle move.

The NeuroSwitch amplifies and interprets your signal, then sends it to a MacBook Air laptop, included with the device.

On your MacBook, your signal reaches AssistiveWare‘s virtual keyboard and mouse controls. You get word prediction, text-to-speech capability, and full control over your computer.

Safe, clinically proven assistive device

FDA logo

The NeuroSwitch is listed and registered with the FDA as a Powered Communication System and a Powered Environmental Control System. It is safe and non-invasive.

View listings and certifications for the NeuroSwitch:  

The NeuroSwitch’s registration with the FDA represents the FDA’s highest level of oversight for a communication device. 

VHA logo

The VHA has approved coverage for NeuroSwitch for qualified American veterans, who are 50% more likely to be diagnosed with ALS.

Control Bionics is passionate about helping veterans obtain the best possible quality of life. We are familiar with the VHA’s processes and ready to help you get your NeuroSwitch. This will involve a consultation with your clinician. Please reach out today.

Everyone who has ALS is fearful of being locked in. Because of NeuroSwitch my husband is able to communicate with us with less effort and more speed than ever before… NeuroSwitch has provided relief not only for him but for everyone else involved in his life.

Lisa Griffin, wife and caregiver of a NeuroSwitch user with ALS

24/7/365 support, no matter where you live

Control Bionics, the maker of NeuroSwitch, is on duty around the clock to support you and your NeuroSwitch. We use a program called GoToAssist on your Macbook to provide real-time customer support with two-way visual, audio, text and telemetry communications. Caregivers appreciate that we take responsibility for supporting your NeuroSwitch. We make their lives easier, too.

We are the customer support specialists in your room, working on your system, whenever you need it.

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We welcome inquiries from patients and carers, clinicians, and anyone involved with the procurement of assistive technology for people with severe disabilities. You can also reach us at 1-855-831-7521 or 1-513-453-4848.

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