10 MINUTES to learn COMMUNICATION with NeuroSwitch SGD (Speech Generation Device) designed for people with ALS, Spinal Cord Injury, & loss of speech.

You Become the Switch - no more reaching for buttons or straws, or moving your eyes.

NeuroSwitch is designed for the duration.

"I would not be where I am today without you and NeuroSwitch. I cannot ever imagine how we would have managed... NeuroSwitch has improved our lives; I would estimate 100 fold, or more. All I can ever say is a huge heartfelt thank you." Naomi - Wife and ALS carer

Live Telemedicine Support 24/7/365

NeuroSwitch offers a live webcam and telemedicine in-service support program. If you or a carer have a question or issue, we can - at your request - enter your computer, online and see what you see, and usually check your software, and fix your issues right then and there, face-to-face by webcam.

It's like having us in the room for an in-service, without the wait: immediately.

Professor Stephen Hawking