Clinicians Checklist


Yes, if your patient:

  • Has lost or is losing the ability to speak due to ALS, SCI, TBI, stroke, locked-in syndrome, or CP
  • Cannot use their hands to operate a standard keyboard or touch screen
  • Has voluntary muscle control in at least one muscle.

Note: the NeuroNode may detect an actionable muscle signal even when there is no apparent muscle movement.

Patients who meet the criteria above may be able to choose between several AAC devices. The NeuroNode is uniquely suited to the patient who meets one or more of these criteria:

  • Is on a ventilator or may be in the future
  • Will not be able to use an eye-tracking system long-term because of a progressive disease like ALS
  • Is not a candidate for an eye-tracking system because of eye issues
  • Tires easily
  • Needs a device that does not require frequent recalibration and is not impacted by change in position or lighting conditions.

The NeuroNode may not be the best AT option if the patient:

  • Cannot open their eyes
  • Has no voluntary muscle control.
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