Neuronode – Wearable Wireless Communications Device

NeuroNode is the world’s first wearable EMG assistive technology device. It gives those with ALS/MND, spinal cord injury, or any other condition causing paralysis or loss of speech a connection to the world



  • Bluetooth wireless connection
  • Medical-grade, small, wireless sensor attaches directly to your skin
  • Connects to any computer, iPad, tablet, or mobile device
  • Compatible with iOS10, Android, and Windows operating systems
  • Compatible with most popular assistive scanning software such as Apple Switch Control and Google Switch Access
  • Uses the latest EMG sensing software developed by Control Bionics


  • Easy for caregivers to setup and operate
  • Reliable operation once calibrated
  • Fast for users to learn and control – begin using it within 30 minutes and quickly become proficient
  • Low user fatigue to operate
  • Adjustable sensitivity according to individual user and fatigue levels
  • Not affected by changes in lighting conditions
  • Can be used with existing devices and operating systems
  • Allows users to send emails, play games, access social media, text message, watch and download online entertainment, and even operate external devices, such as wheelchairs and TVs
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