Innovative Assistive Technology

Increased control, Improved access

Options for someone with movement or speech disabilities

We develop accessible, leading-edge assistive technology that can help those living with paralysis and loss of speech gain more control over their world.

Ideal for those with degenerative neurological conditions, spinal cord injuries, cerebral palsy and other conditions with movement restrictions, the NeuroNode gives a person the independence to make life-changing connections.

A Suite of AAC Solutions

Control Bionics offers a suite of dedicated speech generating devices and accessories to give people living with complex communication and physical needs their voice.

A diagnosis can be scary.

We can make it manageable.
a young client uses the NeuroNode to make a selection
For Clinicians

Get the Best Tech For Your Clients

One AAC solution, one SLP evaluation, and one funding application

See how the NeuroNode works, who is a good candidate for this technology, and how to schedule an assessment.