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Control Bionics offers a suite of assistive technology, including dedicated speech generating devices, to assist people living with complex communication and physical needs.

Control Bionics Trilogy Product Line

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NeuroNode Trilogy*

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NeuroNode Duo*

Access Full Potential

EyeGaze Duo

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Uno Touch

Built for Mobility

*The NeuroNode is billed separately as a speech generating device accessory under code E2599

Sensors & Accessories

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Technology like No Other

Cosmos Connect

Control More with Less

Gain control with the NeuroNode, the only wireless, wearable sensor that gives the user the ability to access their technology by bioelectric signals or spatial movements.

We develop accessible, leading-edge assistive technology that can help those living with paralysis and loss of speech gain more control over their world.

Ideal for those with degenerative neurological conditions, spinal cord injuries, cerebral palsy and other conditions with movement restrictions, the NeuroNode gives a person the independence to make life-changing connections.

Maree is able to tell her daughter Lauren thoughts on baby names and give Rebekah advice for her one-year-old.

Ian said “mom” for the first time, “It was amazing to know he wanted me around and he was able to let me know.”

Ryan has the capability of making his own choices and making them known, “which is tremendous and life-changing.”

a young client uses the NeuroNode to make a selection

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