NeuroSwitch Drives Robots at AnyBots Factory

“Today I just drove around the factory, navigating between tables and pillars, and other robots. I tried taking the tight spaces on purpose, just for kicks. I got a tour of the factory from a fellow named Bill. I followed him around, hearing about different projects, got to meet his lovely wife.” – Michael Phillips

This week, NeuroSwitch user Michael Phillips and our own Founder and CEO Peter Ford used the NeuroSwitch to visit the AnyBots factory in California. They connected to their robots over the internet and controlled them with their NeuroSwitches, touring the factory by driving, seeing, and speaking through the robots.

Phillips was at home in Florida. Ford was in Australia. Capping the day was a race between Phillips, an avid gamer and extremely fast NeuroSwitch user, and Ford. Phillips, in his own words, “smoked Peter and his dejected robot.” We expect there will be a rematch.

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