Ok Google – Everyone Can Say It Now!

Control Bionics will be launching a revolutionary wireless, wearable EMG device complete with hands-free, voice-free Google Assistant control for the disabled population at the Closing the Gap Conference.

MILFORD, OHIO – Sept. 26, 2018 – Control Bionics announces the launch of Say-It NOW, a new application that will allow individuals living with speech and motor disorders to interact with a Google Assistant through the NeuroNode. From September 26th through 28th, Control Bionics will be presenting this information at the Closing the Gap Conference.

The NeuroNode uses EMG technology as its form of connection to the human brain. Small and non-invasive, this sensor is used as a switch to control electronics devices. Minimal movement, or intention of movement, beneath the NeuroNode sensor allows for a “click” on a computer screen, tablet, or mobile device. This augmentative and alternative communication (AAC) and control device has proven to be incredibly promising due to the versatility and adaptability offered to its users. With the idea that connections can be life-changing, the NeuroNode is working towards bringing assistive technology into the current trends of home automation and smart speaker control.

Google Say It Now with NeuroNode

The application Say-It NOW allows non-verbal and physically impaired individuals to broadcast their voice and have their questions answered through Google Assist. In its simplest mode, Say-It NOW includes customizable and predetermined phrases, such as “I am cold” or “hello”, that the user can then select to be projected over a single or in-home network of smart speakers, allowing for previously impossible versatility for full-time caretakers. By placing the speakers throughout a home, office, or classroom setting, caregivers can be in a separate room, but still determine if their loved ones need assistance. In addition to the broadcasting feature, Say-It NOW makes it possible for its users to stay up on sports, news and weather through their Google Assistant, in the same way that able-bodied individuals do, using voiceless commands, unaffected by physical abilities.

In a world of ever-evolving technology, Control Bionics is bringing a sense of normality and inclusivity to those living with paralysis and loss of speech. Striving to create devices to help close the gap for those living with a disability, the NeuroNode and Say-It NOW are steps into twenty-first century assistive technology.

About Control Bionics

Founded in 2006, Control Bionics has established its presence in the world of assistive technology devices. The company’s founders initially set out to create a reliable switch for users that found all other solutions ineffective, fatiguing, and limiting to their needs. Control Bionics gained recognition in the AT field by winning the National Disability Award in 2015 for Excellence in Accessible Technology. As of April 2018, Control Bionics continued their voyage to the top of the assistive technology field with their impressive Prince Andrew Pitch at Palace Innovation Award. Over the last 12 years, Control Bionics has dedicated their time to expanding life-changing connections for the disabled community. Please visit https://www.controlbionics.com to stay up to date with their unique and exciting devices.

About NeuroNode

In 2016, Control Bionics launched the NeuroNode. Designed as a resource for individuals living with paralysis and loss of speech, the NeuroNode is the world’s first wearable and wireless EMG assistive communication and control device. The small, non-invasive device uses the body’s EMG signals as a switch to control the user’s computer, tablet, or mobile phone. The NeuroNode allows those living with conditions such as SCI (spinal cord injury), ALS/MND, SMA (spinal muscular atrophy), and CP (cerebral palsy) to find their voice and reconnect with the world around them.

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