The Most Wide-ranging AAC Solution Gets a Big Boost in Wearability and Durability

Control Bionics was founded by Peter Shann Ford in 2006 to address the most difficult cases of loss of speech and mobility. Ford and the Control Bionics team have added much to the original work, particularly in the miniaturization of the equipment, in the improvement to signal processing, in ease of use, and in the number of access methods. Now Control Bionics is pleased to announce major improvements in the wearability and the durability of the NeuroNode.

With the new access methods of the NeuroNode Trilogy—eye tracking, spatial, EOG, and improved EMG—the NeuroNode can be worn anywhere on the body. And with similar flexibility, the NeuroNode has a place with a wide spectrum of disabilities—from late- and early-stage ALS to a child with CP to an adult with SMA.

This wide array of options and uses demands a durable, easy-to-wear, and easy-to-configure AAC solution.

NeuroNode 3 on wrist strap

Introducing the NeuroNode with NeuroBand…

The new NeuroNode is fashioned with medical-grade material with an impact resistance 10 times that of the previous version. Indeed, attach the NeuroNode anywhere on the body and watch it hold up to all manner of use. Drop it if you must. And, the newly-designed NeuroBand provides a snap-it-and-strap-it solution that makes placing the NeuroNode anywhere on the body as simple as donning a baseball cap.

NeuroNode Trilogy product photo

If you appreciated the technical prowess of the NeuroNode Trilogy and you want to see what’s next, give us a call to schedule a demonstration. Or, stop by and see us at ATIA in Orlando, January 28 – 31 (booth 905). We want to be your client’s long-term 24/7/365 AAC solution.

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