6 Fun Games to Encourage AAC Device Use

Are you having trouble figuring out fun ways to encourage AAC device usage in your client? Well look no further! We asked our SLPs what games they use with their clients, and they did not disappoint.

We know how challenging it can be to help user get comfortable using an AAC device, but consistent use is extremely important for successful communication!

Using games and other activities to practice can be a fun way to get the user talking and achieve language goals too!

Check out these 6 fun activities:

What’s Your Favorite?

With at least 2 people, the more the better. Fill in your favorite. The topic of favorite can be anything. The other people could ask questions about your favorite thing.

  • Game Goal: See how many different topics you can talk about.
  • Language Goal: Ability to tell or retell information; Answer “WH” questions
Roll the Dice

With at least 2 people, the more the better. Using word dice (either from store or you can make some) Decide before hand if you will find just the word or make a sentence with the word that comes up on dice. Take turns rolling the dice. Then either say the word or make a sentence using your device.

  • Game Goal: To be able to successfully find your word or sentence each time its your turn.
  • Language Goal: Ability to combine 3, 4 or more words to convey a sentence; Turn taking.
Race to the Finish

With at least 2 people, the more the better. Pick a word, sentence, or paragraph from a book, magazine, or any text. Decide on the exact word, sentence or paragraph. Set a timer and construct on your AAC device the word, sentence or paragraph that you picked to work on. The first to get it done wins.

  • Game Goal: Be the first to construct the word or sentence.
  • Language Goal: Ability to recognize words/paths/symbols to achieve success at finding targets.
I Spy

With at least 2 people, the more the better. Familiar game, one person sees something. Then give clues about what you see. The other people guess what it could be by the clues given.

  • Game Goal: Be the first to successfully guess the object.
  • Language Goal: Ability to listen and respond to specific information.
Popcorn Story

With at least 2 people, the more the better especially for this activity. First person gives one sentence of a story (made up story). The next person gives the next sentence and so on.. (If you only have two people that’s ok, just keep taking turns until you have a complete story.)

  • Game Goal: To complete a story
  • Language Goal: Ability to retell and add events to a story.
Current Events

Current Events should have at least 2 people, the more the better. Take turns telling a current event that happened that day. The communication partner can ask questions about the event (hopefully also using a form of AAC.)

  • Game Goal: Tell an event that is new to the group.
  • Language Goal: Ability to retell a short story or event. Also will be able to maintain conversational exchange.

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