Biotech Daily features Control Bionics in Dr. Boreham’s Crucible Article

As a regular contributor of Biotech Daily, which provides news on ASX-listed biotechnology companies, Dr. Boreham’s Crucible provides analysis of the biotech sector in Australia. Last week Control Bionics was featured in an article on the site.

Company Background

Included in the article is relevant stock information, like members of the board, major shareholders, and background information on the Control Bionics. The article describes Control Bionics’ flagship product, the Neuronode, and the subsequent expansion of the line.

Control Bionics’ key selling point is that the users can engage in more meaningful conversation because the process is so much quicker.

Market Factors

The article continues with Control Bionics’ path to market, where they’ve won approval from the US, Canadian, and Australian regulators as a medical device. The users for this product utilize public and private reimbursement, and “to date, just under 80 percent of sales have been funded in this manner.” The article then goes into finances and performance of the company, touching on COVID concerns as well as R&D.

What’s Next

The article mentions that Control Bionics is always looking toward the future and expanding its product offerings and technology uses. Specifically, extending functions to control beyond communication and detecting minute eye movements to control switches when when the user’s eyes are closed. The author ends the article by discussing risks and his “diagnosis” of Control Bionics.

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