Control Bionics (ASX:CBL) Looks to Solidify Global Presence

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Rob Wong, CEO of Control Bionics, chats with Alan Kohler from Eureka Report to discuss the latest news from the newly ASX-listed business.

” … the fundamental point about that was that your brain sends very, very fast signals to muscles to act because that’s the fight or flight mechanism. Most of the outcomes that come from the muscle are either binary, you’re either contracting or you are relaxing your muscles, and if [you] could tap into that electronic system, even if there’s not enough power to power the muscle, [Peter Ford] thought if you could turn that into a communication output, sort of almost like morse code, coming out from the brain but coming out with virtually no latency. Because if you try to do that with EEG signals you’d really struggle with the complexity and unbelievably, the slowness of signals that come directly from the brain. But once they get to the spine, they’re like lightning and that was his insight to say, “Well, why can’t we just tap into that, amplify the signals so that we can understand what they are and then convert those into outputs that can be sent to a computer?” Quite brilliant, really.”
– Rob Wong, CEO –

Rob and Alan discuss cash, share price performance, company history, technology, competition, and more. Check out the full transcript here. For additional information on Control Bionics Limited (CBL); visit here.

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