Control Bionics has “Fascinating Technology” According to NPR’s Cool Science Radio

Control Bionics CTO, James Schorey, and Sales Director, Meagan Koeneman, talked to NPR’s Cool Science Radio about the technology behind the NeuroNode Trilogy, who benefits from these products, and the importance of communication at the human level.

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In the Episode:

Technology: EMG and spatial control are at the forefront of CTO James Schorey’s mind. Hear how this technology has progressed since he got his first computer back in 1979.

Case Studies: William and Mauve are two of the many clients using Control Bionics technology to communicate. Meagan Koeneman touches on their stories.

Connections: Establishing a sense of community through communication is taken for granted by most of us. When the ability to communicate is lost it can be extremely isolating. Hear how clients can regain those personal connections, allowing them to connect with the world around them.

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