Control Bionics Launches New Branding for Broadened Mission

Control Bionics Logo – AAC Solutions

We’re changing our look, but not our mission to become the world’s leading provider of innovative augmentative communication and control devices for people with speech and movement disabilities. For the last 15 years, Control Bionics has been dedicated to our clients, focusing on innovation and new technologies to improve communication and access for people with conditions like MND/ALS, CP, and TBI + SCI. Our refreshed logo brings in a strong, fresh idea that reflects our broader mission to become a full-service AAC provider, expanding upon our NeuroNode and NeuroNode Trilogy product lines.

AAC Solutions

Starting with our flagship product, the NeuroNode, we’ve developed into a company that provides AAC solutions for people of all abilities and stages of progression. Our NeuroNode Trilogy is a world-class system and soon we will be expanding our range to include eye-gaze only systems and a new touch range for ambulatory users without speech. With this expansion comes a new age for Control Bionics, increasing the population we’re able to assist with our technology. We’re in the business of matching the right product to the right client, and expanding our line allows us to align with more users to fit their unique needs.

Control Bionics

In our new and improved logo, we give a nod to the heritage of the NeuroNode. The highlighted “O” and “I” are reminiscent of a binary switch, using zeros and ones to make up a computing language with just two characters. We believe that the smallest piece of information can make a big difference, and strive to make little differences that affect big change every day. Helping just one person communicate their needs to a loved one gets us one step closer to our vision of a world where all people have the same, shared ability to communicate and control the world around them.

We’re all human beings and communication is our key to unlocking the world around us. The highlighted “O” and “I” aren’t just binary numbers, but remind us of a person surrounded by a community. The humanity of the people we serve are at the heart of all our actions, and this visual reminds us that this is our purpose – to make life-changing connections for people who need them most.

Making Life-Changing Connections

At Control Bionics, we understand the importance of making connections. We see them made every day, when an individual uses our device to speak up in class, or help give input on baby names of their grandchild. At the heart of our proposition to our users is that our technology has the power to make life-changing connections for them and their families. We give our users the freedom to unlock opportunities, communication, and abilities that they otherwise couldn’t access.

Product Expansion

In the coming months you will see a broader range of systems from Control Bionics, which will allow for broader populations to use our competitive range of AAC solutions. The current system range of the NeuroNode iOS system and the NeuroNode Trilogy system will be expanded to offer an Eye-Gaze Duo system and an Uno Touch system, a touch-based device for ambulatory users with compromised speech such as autism and intellectual disabilities. We at Control Bionics couldn’t be more excited to launch this brand refresh and continue to make life-changing connections for people of all ability.

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