Control Bionics Announces Reseller Agreement with DNR Wheels Pte Limited

Control Bionics has entered into a reseller agreement with DNR Wheels Pte Limited, a leading distributor in Singapore of mobility, homecare and rehabilitation equipment and technology. The Singapore reseller agreement follows the US reseller agreement entered into with Numotion which was announced to the ASX on 7 April 2021.

This agreement is in line with Control Bionics’ growth strategy to access the international rehabilitation market and reinforces its commitment to provide industry-leading solutions with access to all.

“Control Bionics is passionate about helping clients find their ‘voice’ and regain control of their lives” explained Rob Wong, CEO of Control Bionics. “We’re excited to be partnering with DNR Wheels, an established company within the Complex Rehabilitation Technology (CRT) space, to expand access to our life-changing, multi-modal communication solutions in Singapore.”

Read the full press release here, or see other investor news.

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