Funding Made Easy: 3 Steps to Getting a Device

The first question we often get is “how much is a Control Bionics device?” We understand why: our technology has three powerful access methods and provides a lifetime solution for those with paralysis and loss of speech, so you might think it comes with a hefty price tag. The good news is that Control Bionics works with organizations like Medicare, Medicaid, the Veterans Health Administration, private insurance, and various education systems to offer funding assistance so that your cost as low as possible.

Funding can seem like a big hurdle, but our dedicated funding staff works behind the scenes to make your experience as easy as possible. As you can guess, each funding case (just like each of our clients) is unique. This check list is meant to provide the basic steps we go through to secure funding, so you get the AAC device you need as quickly as possible.

Before funding begins, your team will confirm which device is right for you. They’ll collect basic information like client information form, assignment of benefits, and insurance card. Believe it or not, that’s all we need from you to get started! From here, our funding specialists handle the rest.

Step 1: Verify

The funding specialist will check with your insurance company to make sure there are no initial exclusions with your policy. Some insurance companies require a trial of the device before purchasing, and our specialists check to see if one is required. If a trial is required, your sales team can set up a trial with the device quickly and easily.

Control Bionics is the sole provider of our devices, making it easier to apply for in-network funding options no matter where you live. Our funding team will work with your insurance to get you the device you need with the lowest cost to you possible.

Step 2: Collect & Submit

Once the specialist gets the SLP report from your speech language pathologist, a doctor’s prescription, and prior authorization (if necessary), they submit the authorization to your insurance. Approval can take 30-45 days, but this is just an estimate. Some approvals can be much faster.

Our funding team knows the ins and outs of the confusing insurance landscape, and you can trust that they will go through the proper channels to get your device to you as fast as possible.

Step 3: Final Check

Once insurance approves your device, our specialists will confirm all the necessary paperwork is complete. Then production will start prepping your device for shipment, hooray!

Our funding specialists double check with your insurance and make sure you are eligible before any device is shipped. You’ll never receive a device without knowing your funding is covered.

Control Bionics knows the importance of life-changing connections, which is why we manage the hard work behind the scenes so you can focus on what matters most.

This post focuses on funding sources in the US. Funding is available in other countries: in Australia, we’re a registered NDIS Provider and in Canada we are ADP Approved. To learn more about funding outside of the US, contact us.

Questions? Contact us to get more information about personalized funding assistance.

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