Giving Voice to People Living with ALS/MND: Meet Maree

“Hello there”, said Maree Spencer using her NeuroNode Trilogy. Maree lost her voice to ALS/MND and wasn’t able to use her phone to communicate. When her daughter Rebekah brought the NeuroNode Trilogy to the attention of her speech language pathologist, they were delighted to find out how helpful it could be for Maree. Working together with her speech language pathologist and the Control Bionics specialist, they were able to identify the best means of communication for Maree – leading her to the NeuroNode Trilogy.

“The beauty comes when we integrate both technologies”, said Alex Alvarado, Biomedical Engineer at Control Bionics, “that means she will use her eyes as a mouse on the computer and the NeuroNode as a click. This gives her more accuracy, meaning faster speed and less fatigue when using the system for communication.”

Maree is able to tell her daughter Lauren her thoughts on baby names, as well as give Rebekah advice for her one-year-old over text. Without the NeuroNode Trilogy Maree was limited to saying “yes” or no” explained her daughters, “we’d mainly be guessing”. The connection Maree can access now has given her a second lease on life. Watch the full video to hear Maree’s story.

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