Language at Last: A Cerebral Palsy Case Study

Ryan Danziger from Flemington, N.J., has a great sense of humor, beamed his mom, Cindy. “He loves to laugh, he loves to joke, and he’s very social,” she said, noting that shopping trips to the local Target, Wegmans and ShopRite give him great enjoyment. During a recent outing, Ryan was heard bellylaughing by a man who was an aisle away. “People in the community know him,” explained Cindy. “Someone shouted over, ‘Hey, is that Ryan Danziger?’”

Twenty-one-year-old Danziger, who’s nonverbal and uses a wheelchair due to his cerebral palsy, has struggled to communicate throughout his life. While he’s tried to express himself with numerous assistive communication devices, none were effective due to his mobility limitations—until the Control Bionics NeuroNode.

In this new case study, we explore how the therapy team worked together to understand his movement patterns and specifically wrist rotation motion so the NeuroNode could be activated and programmed to his abilities, and how the real Ryan was able to shine through.

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