Popular Podcast, Fear and Greed, Spoke to Control Bionics on Their Sunday Feature

CEO Rob Wong sat down with the podcast Fear and Greed this week to discuss how Control Bionics helps patients with some of the most debilitating conditions to communicate. They dove into the history of Control Bionics, an explanation of the technology, and how the simplest communications can make the biggest difference.

Click the audio below to listen to the episode

We’ve spoken to all kinds of people on Fear and Greed about all kinds of businesses. There are plenty that are driven almost by the need to deliver a return to shareholders, and there’s nothing wrong with that. But some companies don’t quite fit that mold. Sure, they’ve got investors and there’s a significant commercial element to what they do, but along the way these companies are making a real difference to people’s lives. Today’s interview is one of those. Control Bionics creates technology, allowing individuals with some of the most debilitating conditions to communicate and retain more control over their daily lives. It is an incredible story.

– Adam Lang, host of Fear and Greed

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