Powerful Update: Grid 3 Released 2 New WordPower 100 Versions

If you are familiar with Grid 3, you may use WordPower 100, a gridset suitable for users who are able to accurately access grids with a large number of cells. It gives them quick and efficient access to vocabulary with the fewest number of selections and navigation.

However, this can fall short for highly literate users wanting something quick, easy, and more robust for communicating in their line of work or at school. We heard first-hand from our clients, listening to their suggestions to add to WordPower 100 to meet their needs.

Nancy Inman, M.A.T., CCC-SLP and creator of Inman Innovations and all WordPowers, developed a new version of WordPower 100. Belva Holman, B.A. Ed., ATP/ATACP and consultant at Control Bionics, assisted Nancy by providing suggestions from clients and from knowledge of her clients’ needs. The result of this collaboration is a robust, intuitive vocabulary file.

This new version, WordPower 100 with Keyboard, is designed specifically for people who are literate. It allows them to have the vocabulary they need at their fingertips. There are less symbols and is is focused heavily on communication as well as, email, texting, and document creation. They added tools and ways to easily manipulate them in a professional setting for those who are still working, going to school, or simply need a different level of vocabulary that wasn’t previously available.

Not only did Nancy create WordPower 100 with Keyboard, she also developed a version called WordPower for Switches, focusing on the same literate users but for those utilizing scanning on their devices. That way the update is available to a broad scope of users no matter their access method.

For more information, you can watch this on-demand webinar where we heard from Nancy Inman, Speech and Language Pathologist, and creator of the WordPower vocabularies. In the webinar, Nancy discussed:

  • What WordPower is and its approach to language organization
  • What features of WordPower make it faster and more efficient for symbol users
  • How to get started with message building in WordPower
  • The different versions of WordPower: WordPower 100, WordPower 60 and WordPower 25
  • Two new versions of WordPower: WordPower 100 with Keyboard and WordPower 100 for Switches
Two Powerful Versions

WordPower with Keyboard
This version of WordPower 100 contains a keyboard, allowing users with developing literacy to quickly build messages by using core words and typing using a keyboard with word prediction.

WordPower for Switches
This version is designed for switch users and contains a switch frequency keyboard. The grid set is designed to be used with block scanning, for faster, more efficient message building.


The updated versions of WordPower 100 have advanced settings for document creation. The keyboard version allows for the use of tools relating to writing, specifically email or texting.

Users can access this feature and continue their work or school responsibilities.

Medical Terminology

Based on feedback from current clients, the medical page has been redone.

The user now has access to more specific issues that may arise, and the ability to communicate exactly what they need to a caregiver.

Updated Groups

After brainstorming how users would need to access different categories of words, they updated the groups page to make it easier to access quickly.

The new groups page is completely reconfigured, making it more fluent for scan users.

Grid3 users can download these new versions directly from the app, and implement the new vocabulary immediately. The updated versions work well with the NeuroNode Trilogy, a speech-generating device combining eye gaze technology and EMG/spatial technology for a faster, more accurate experience.

For more information about our devices or the new WordPower update, contact us.

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