William’s Super Power: Assistive Technology

As a project for the Ohio Technology Ambassadors Network, William created an amazing video about his Superpower: Assistive Technology. With help from a few artistic friends and his trusty canine companion, Anchor, William shares his communication story – and demonstrates his superpower.

William uses the NeuroNode Trilogy from Control Bionics, a 3-in-1 solution for those living with movement difficulties and loss of speech. Combining touch control, eye control and NeuroNode control, the NeuroNode Trilogy is a solution that fits to the user’s needs as they change.

In the video, William explains that he has challenges with his mobility and is unable to use his voice. He uses his eyes and facial expressions to communicate his thoughts, but this can be tough with people who don’t know him very well. To combat this, William uses the NeuroNode Trilogy to generate speech.

William explains how the NeuroNode Trilogy works – since he only has a small amount of movement he can control, he utilizes a small electrode that attaches to his arm muscle. The electrode connects wirelessly through Bluetooth to a transmitter that enables a “switch”. When William moves the muscle in his arm, it activates the switch and allows him to make a click on his device.

This control allows him to select phrases preprogrammed into his device to communicate his wants and needs, as well as control technology around him. He can play the music he wants to hear or call over his therapy dog to tell him he’s a good boy.

Watch William’s video below to see how he uses his super power, assistive technology.

Special thanks to William and his wonderfully supportive family and care team, Akron Public Schools/North High School, John Thomas, Opportunities for Ohioans with Disabilities, Ross County DD/The Pioneer Center, Summit County DD, and the Help Foundation.

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