Control Bionics Integrates State-of-the-Art Eye Gaze Camera into Product Offerings

Control Bionics is excited to announce the integration of the Hiru eye gaze camera into our AAC solutions. With the addition of the Hiru to the NeuroNode Trilogy Systems, Control Bionics will be able to offer the latest in eye gaze technology.

Hiru is the first multiplatform eye tracker in the world. The eye tracking algorithms have been developed based on AAC users, achieving unparalleled accuracy and stability with the widest variety of eye conditions. With the light indicator and calibration button, Hiru has built-in unique features that lead to a complete new user experience. Combined with the NeuroNode, it will provide a faster, less fatiguing access method.

Control Bionics is continually working to give our users the best solutions available for efficient and effective communication. Irisbond, developer and manufacturer of the Hiru eye gaze camera, shares our philosophy and creates their products with both end users and their support teams in mind to improve the lives of others.

In line with Control Bionics’ quest for the most innovative solutions in AAC, the Hiru has advanced AI-based software algorithms. This combined with state-of-the-art hardware, allows Hiru to integrate with operating systems and environments where eye tracking has been limited. Hiru gives users the flexibility to use their devices in any environment, giving them access to speech and communication in more places.

About Irisbond

Irisbond is an eye-tracking & Human-Computer Interface company based in Europe, with an international reach and drive to grow. Founded by Eduardo Jáuregui in 2013, they have developed their own devices, SDK’s for developers and partnered with companies such as Samsung, Microsoft, Apple, or institutions as MIT. Those giant steps have lead them to expand into the US, commencing with the opening of the first office in Delaware this April. Learn more about Irisbond and the Hiru eye gaze camera.

About Control Bionics

Control Bionics aim is to become the world’s leading provider of innovative augmentative communication and control devices for people with speech and movement disabilities. Our entry into the assistive technology industry is based on our passion to serve those on the far end of the disability spectrum and the desire to drive the industry forward. Learn more about Control Bionics and the NeuroNode Trilogy.

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