Introducing the Cosmos Connect from Control Bionics

At Control Bionics, we are constantly working towards our mission of making life-changing connections. Each day, we help bring our users closer to their communication goals. Now, the Cosmos Connect will help users connect in a different way.

What is the Cosmos Connect?

A user can play video games, activate switch toys, dine independently, check text messages, and more using a single NeuroNode and the Cosmos Connect device. When paired with the NeuroNode sensor, the Cosmos Connect leverages our exclusive application to intuitively interact with a variety of devices giving the user more independence with a single movement.

How it Works

  • Plug the Cosmos Connect into your NeuroNode Trilogy system and the device you want to control (Obi, Xbox adaptive controller, etc). We provide 8 input cords to give users control over 8 unique actions.
  • Download the application on your NeuroNode Trilogy system to use your NeuroNode to control the device using our convenient premade screens.

Application with Context

Our app uses intuitive menus to present choices to the user that makes sense for the current context. The app comes with presets to simplify setup and create meaningful context right from the home screen. This means the user can get started in meaningful activities right away by leveraging the context of an activity to simplify the demands on the user.

We want our users to operate their Android or iOS device, use the Xbox adaptive controller to play two games, operate a switch toy, and use an Obi Dining Robot right out of the box, so these presets come ready to go when you download the app.

How Leo Uses the Cosmos Connect

We asked users who have experience with the Cosmos Connect to tell us how they use the device. Leo’s mom told us how her son uses the device to play video games. “When Leo discovered he could play a video game through the Xbox on the large tv in the family room, he was ecstatic! Even when he is playing a game or on his device he still likes to be part of whatever the family has going on, and being able to play where everyone hangs out was a door opened because of the Cosmos Connect,” she told us.

She also loved how the Cosmos Connect allowed Leo to play games with his little sister. “One of the things that excited Leo and all of us the most, was that the Cosmos Connect gives Leo the opportunity to play with other people. His little sister is getting older and she thinks it is super cool to play video games with her big brother. They work as a team, and have typical sibling rivalries over the games,” she recounted.

Leo’s mom knows the Cosmos Connect gives Leo physical assistance, but also helps him mentally. “Giving Leo the ability to have control over his environment is a gift that helps him physically, but also helps his mental health. It helps fill his cup for controlling things around him when so much is out of his control.”

How to Get the Cosmos Connect

Currently, we’re launching the Cosmos Connect in conjunction with the NeuroNode Trilogy. A current Trilogy user can purchase the Cosmos Connect through their sales rep or by filling out the contact us form.

If you are in the process of ordering a NeuroNode Trilogy and are interested in the Cosmos Connect, you can add it to your purchase for an additional cost.

Questions? Fill out the form on our contact us page for more information.

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