Kemal’s Journey with Assistive Technology

In a new video from Mater, we see Kemal’s journey with assistive technology after his ALS/MND diagnosis. Before Obi and the NeuroNode Trilogy, mealtimes were frustrating. Kemal relied on one of his family members to feed him, making it harder for them to eat as a family. But with this combination of assistive technology and the help of Mater, he is able to eat and communicate independently.

Using the Obi, Kemal can choose which section he wants to eat from, and then select it using the NeuroNode to move the spoon on the Obi arm to feed himself. The NeuroNode Trilogy connects to the Obi to allow him to control the robot with EMG or Spatial technology.

The NeuroNode Trilogy also allows Kemal to control a screen through eye movements – allowing him to browse the internet, watch TV shows and movies, and send and receive SMS and email messages.

Watch Kemal’s journey or contact us to get more information on the NeuroNode Trilogy and Obi robot.

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