Make the Most of Your Budget with Bulk Discounts for Schools

Have you been looking for a solution in your school that works with the iOS tablets you already have? Look no further – Control Bionics is offering a discount on the NeuroNode when you buy two or more.

The NeuroNode is a wearable, wireless EMG switch that has many possibilities using the district’s own iOS tablets. The NeuroNode connects via Bluetooth to the iPads the district already has. Download the app to connect the NeuroNode and start using third-party communication software, therapy tools, and more!

The NeuroNode gives control and independence to kids using augmentative and alternative communication, as well as kids who simply need a different way to access a tablet. The NeuroNode is ideal for those with degenerative neurological conditions, spinal cord injuries, cerebral palsy and other conditions with movement restrictions.

Get Up to 50% off NeuroNode sensors when you stock up for school

Getting multiple NeuroNode devices to have on hand for your students saves you time and money. It allows your students to connect with more independence. Take advantage of our volume discount to make the most of your budget.

50% off when you buy 11+ NeuroNodes

40% off when you buy 6-10 NeuroNodes

20% off when you buy 2-5 NeuroNodes

EMG Technology

Identify the intent of muscle activity, recognizing even the slightest electrical impulse

Spatial Option

Turns movement into a selection on a device, no matter how big or small

Wearable and Wireless

Place the NeuroNode anywhere on the body to get an electrical signal or spatial recognition

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