Meet Obi: The Revolutionary Adaptive Dining Robot

Eating should be an independent, relaxing, social, and leisurely time throughout each person’s day, and all of that can be made possible with Obi.

Created for individuals with upper extremity strength and mobility challenges, Obi is a simple and easy to use adaptive eating device that provides users with the ability to control what they eat and when.

How Obi Works

Obi’s simple and intuitive operation mimics the functionality of a human arm during eating. This device is intended to allow the user to be in control, increasing their independence and confidence during meals.

Obi requires at least one Accessibility Switch to operate. This way, Obi can be controlled by any part of the user’s body that can activate a switch. Obi provides the user with a choice among four compartments of food and when the food is delivered to their mouth. The user makes a switch to choose which bowl of food they want and when they are ready for delivery, which is then translated and sent to Obi.

Even though Obi provides the user with control during meals, assistance from the caregiver is still required during the preparation process. The caregiver is needed to prepare food, position the user and their device, power on the device, customize the appropriate food delivery location at the user’s mouth, monitor use, and clean the device after each use.

Who Obi Helps

Obi serves a variety of individuals who are living with conditions that challenge their upper extremity function, resulting in the inability to feed themselves. To ensure safety and success while operating Obi, users should possess the ability to chew and swallow food without any assistance, in addition to the ability to operate the device using a switch.

Obi has already transformed the lives of several users and their families in so many ways, including pediatrics, adults, veterans, and caregivers. Obi users are overjoyed by the opportunity to feed themselves and experience the social aspect of mealtime without the shadow of a caregiver. This additionally frees up time in caregivers’ busy lives, allowing them to sit down and enjoy their meals with their friends and family.

How Obi Works Together With the Cosmos

Allowing up to eight wired and one Bluetooth output, the Cosmos Connect is a small, portable device that turns a single NeuroNode sensor into multiple outputs. When paired with the NeuroNode sensor, the Cosmos Connect leverages our exclusive application to intuitively interact with a variety of personal control devices giving the user more independence with a single movement.

Eight input cords are included with the Cosmos, giving users control over eight unique actions. When the Cosmos Connect is paired with the NeuroNode sensor, Obi can be plugged into the Cosmos to give the user an independent dining experience. The NeuroNode sensor is placed directly on the user’s desired muscle site, where it will detect even the slightest movement and translate it as a switch that will control Obi.

Check out the video below to see how it works:

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