NeuroNode: What Is Included?

The NeuroNode is a wearable sensor that comes with our NeuroNode Trilogy and NeuroNode Duo AAC systems. It’s used to activate the speech generating software via Bluetooth. The NeuroNode comes with a kit that includes all the accessories that you need for your device. Let’s walk through them together.

First of all, what exactly is the NeuroNode?

At the heart of the NeuroNode Trilogy is the NeuroNode, the latest generation of the world’s leading wearable EMG control device. The NeuroNode is a wireless, non-invasive EMG or Spatial Sensor that communicates with the Windows display device via the Bluetooth Smart System. It is alternative/augmentative communication (AAC) technology that is easy to use and works for conditions like ALS, MND, SCI, or Cerebral Palsy.

The NeuroNode uses the body’s bioelectrical EMG (electromyography) signals or 3D Spatial awareness to give a user complete control of a computer to generate speech, browse the web, listen to music, and more. It is the combined power of EMG and 3D Spatial control which the NeuroNode now offers that allows users to choose muscle control or movement control to operate the NeuroNode Trilogy, all in one small, wearable device.

Now that we know what the NeuroNode is, what comes in the NeuroNode kit?

The NeuroNode kit comes standard with a wall port, charging base, NeuroStrap, accessory kit, NeuroBand, and of course, the NeuroNode itself.


The NeuroStrap is a customizable, adhesive-free solution for placement of the NeuroNode directly to the user’s chosen muscle site.

The NeuroBand securely holds the NeuroNode in place on the user’s desired muscle site while they comfortably wear it for extended periods throughout the day. Once the electrode is snapped to the bottom of the NeuroNode, it then snaps into the NeuroBand and is ready to be placed directly on the user’s skin.

Using the NeuroStrap and NeuroBand, the NeuroNode can be placed almost anywhere on the body to detect an EMG signal.


A Wall Port and Charging Base is included with the NeuroNode. This charging kit, along with a charging cable that comes in the NeuroNode Accessory Kit, allows for hassle-free charging for up to 24 hours of battery life.

The simplification of the charging process makes charging the NeuroNode an easy and convenient process for the user. The Signal indicator, located on the top of the NeuroNode, offers an additional feature for users while charging their NeuroNode. The signal changes color depending on the status of the battery.


In addition to the NeuroNode charging cable previously mentioned, a non-adhesive, reusable Electrode and a Leadwire Adapter Base comes in the NeuroNode Accessory Kit.

Included in the NeuroNode Accessory Kit is a Non-Adhesive, Reusable Electrode. Prior to being placed on the user’s skin, this electrode snaps to the bottom of the NeuroNode which then gets snapped into the NeuroBand for placement. Though only the non-adhesive electrode is included in this kit, there are two other single use EMG Electrode options available to suit certain user’s particular needs.

Finally, a Leadwire Adapter Base is included in the Accessory Kit. The Leadwires connect to the Leadwire Adapter Base of the NeuroNode, while the other end of the Leadwires attach to the user’s facial muscles. The NeuroNode amplifies and interprets the user’s EMG signals, sending it to their device.

Even clients with minimal to no movement can utilize their NeuroNode with the use of Leadwire adapters. Many ALS users progressively lose control of their movements entirely, and even with the slightest signal the NeuroNode can be used with their communication device.

And that’s everything that comes with the NeuroNode! For more information about the NeuroNode, contact us.

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