October is AAC Awareness Month!

Every October we recognize AAC Awareness Month in October. This year, the theme is Show Your Voice:

Having a voice and showing it can mean different things to different people. 

One way is to show a voice is literally, by displaying the technology and methods used to speak. Another way to show a voice is by displaying technology and methods to advocate for people, causes, and change in the world.

Through this theme, we want to give the AAC community opportunities to show our voices, whether it’s on social media; showing how we use technologies to communicate effectively; displaying the talents of persons who use AAC in other ways; or highlighting actions that promote communication access.

We are honored to help our users find their voice, and spread awareness about augmentative and alternative communication. ASHA gives a good definition of the different types of AAC on their website:

There are a lot of different types of AAC. No-tech and low-tech options include things like

  • gestures and facial expressions,
  • writing,
  • drawing,
  • spelling words by pointing to letters, and
  • pointing to photos, pictures, or written words.

High-tech options include things like

  • using an app on an iPad or tablet to communicate and
  • using a computer with a “voice,” sometimes called a speech-generating device.

Control Bionics offers high-tech communication systems like our NeuroNode Trilogy. The NeuroNode Trilogy combines touch, eye control, and EMG/Spatial control for a faster and less fatiguing dedicated speech generating device. The NeuroNode Trilogy has three access methods to provide a flexible communication solution for those with complex speech and physical needs.

Low tech can also be a good option for those just starting with AAC. Download our low tech communication board below and communicate with someone this month to spread awareness!

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