The NeuroNode Trilogy is Now Approved as an Ability Drive Product!

Drive your wheelchair with your eyes! That’s what Ability Drive offers their customers. “Using virtual buttons and eye gaze technology, people who are not able to use a joystick can regain movement independence.” The NeuroNode Trilogy by Control Bionics is now approved as an Ability Drive product.

The Ability Drive app, available from your wheelchair vendor, runs on a tablet computer equipped with an eye gaze camera or an eye gaze speech generating device, like the NeuroNode Trilogy. The app senses the users’ gaze on virtual buttons which sends directional movement commands to the Ability Drive hardware interface. These buttons are overlayed on forward camera view. Looking at the stop button, looking away from the computer, or closing your eyes stops wheelchair movement.

Ability Drive Features
  • Intuitive: most folks are up and driving successfully in 30 seconds
  • Integrates with a device that folks are already using or going to use – so they don’t have to learn two different systems
  • Ability Drive can both drive and control seating. Seating can sometimes be more important than driving for comfort and pressure sore management
  • There is a simplified drive screen with three buttons for kids, or folks with cognitive disabilities, that is useful for teaching cause and effect with eye gaze
  • Provides movement independence for folks who at times feel stuck in a corner. The ability to go on a walk with a loved one or their dog is important

The Ability Drive app is available from Tolt Technologies and can be installed on a Control Bionics NeuroNode Trilogy system. Ask your wheelchair vendor about Ability Drive and how it can be used with the NeuroNode Trilogy.

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