Video Case Studies: Meet Our Users

Giving a voice to individuals living with complex medical conditions is life-changing for them and their families. At Control Bionics, we aim to provide augmentative/alternative communication (AAC) technology for individuals with a wide range of physical and speech challenges in their day-to-day lives.

We are constantly working towards our mission of making life-changing connections, and one way we do that is through our suite of products. Our NeuroNode Trilogy system provides a 3-in-1 solution, combining touch control, eye gaze control, and the NeuroNode sensor, to assist a variety of clients in age and diagnosis with their communication needs. These integrated options give the user flexibility to change between methods as they grow and change, providing a customized approach to communication for each unique user.

Ryan, Ian, and Maree’s stories are three examples of how the flexibility of our systems can provide solutions to individuals with varying ages and conditions.

Meet Ryan

Ryan is a 21-year-old who is nonverbal and uses a wheelchair due to his Cerebral Palsy. Ryan was introduced to the NeuroNode Duo by his speech language pathologist, Megan McGrath, and she was astonished to see how quickly he got the hang of it and how it has allowed him to express himself faster and easier.

Ryan’s mom Cindy agreed with Megan, adding how now that Ryan can express himself, “everyone is just excited to see what he has to say. He has the capability of making his own choices and making them known, which is tremendous and life changing.”

Watch the full video to hear Ryan’s story.

Meet Ian

Ian is a 4-year-old who was born with Cytomegalovirus (CMV) and utilizes the NeuroNode Trilogy. Before utilizing the technology from Control Bionics, Ian’s parents would mostly be guessing what Ian wanted due to the communication barrier. Ian uses his NeuroNode in Spatial mode, where he moves his arm, and it selects what his eyes are looking at on the screen.

What Ian’s mother Lynette particularly likes about the technology is that it isn’t limited to one type of access, but rather “it can grow and change as he grows and changes.” Using his NeuroNode Trilogy, Ian is now learning language and communicating with his family.

Watch the full video to hear Ian’s story.

Meet Maree

Maree lost her voice to ALS/MND and couldn’t use her phone to communicate. Maree’s daughter Rebekah worked together with her speech language pathologist and the Control Bionics specialist to identify the best means of communication for Maree, leading her to the NeuroNode Trilogy.

Maree uses her eyes as a mouse on the computer and the NeuroNode as a click, giving her faster speed and less fatigue when using the system for communication. With the help of her NeuroNode Trilogy, Maree is able to tell her daughter Lauren her thoughts on baby names and give Rebekah advice for her one-year-old over text.

Watch the full video to hear Maree’s story.

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