Walk Through Grid 3’s Powerful New Updates with Nancy Inman and Belva Holman

In December, two new powerful versions of WordPower 100 were released on Grid 3. We spoke with Nancy Inman, M.A.T., CCC-SLP and creator of Inman Innovations and all WordPowers, about the changes that were made. You can read more about the different versions in our recent blog post here.

This new version, WordPower 100 with Keyboard, is designed specifically for people who are literate. It allows them to have the vocabulary they need at their fingertips. Along with WordPower 100 with Keyboard, she also developed a version called WordPower for Switches, focusing on the same literate users but for those utilizing scanning on their devices.

Nancy Inman and Belva Holman walked through the changes with us, so we could see what’s new in these powerful updates. Check out the interview video below.

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