What’s New: NeuroNode Controller App Update

There have been several recent updates to the NeuroNode Controller App. It has a slightly new layout, but overall retains the same look and feel as the previous version. This update introduces several new features to the NeuroNode Controller App, the key features being Profiles, Upper Limit Threshold, 2nd Switch, and Auto Calibration.

A New Look

The same NeuroNode Controller App you know and love, now with updated branding. You’ll notice a few differences in the layout, like the added profiles button we’ll get to later. We also added cool features like a scalable window, meaning you can resize the app on your screen, and improved Bluetooth connectivity.

The graph display shows the buttons the labels under the icons for easy selection. The app also automatically looks for new updates, so you can always access the newest version.

You can also change the language to English, French or Japanese.

Multiple Profiles

Profiles is a new feature to the Controller App that allows user settings to be saved under multiple profiles. These profiles could be set for a user’s varying switching levels throughout the day, different NeuroNode placements, or any various settings combinations you would like to save. This feature additionally removes the need to manually adjust each setting whenever a change needs to be made.

The user can now easily access the Profiles menu by selecting “Profiles” on the graph screen and selecting their desired profile name from the drop-down menu. This new feature also allows the user to delete profiles by pressing the trash icon to the right of the drop-down menu.

Upper Limit

The Upper Limit Threshold allows an amplitude to be set to a point where, if crossed, the activation will not be considered a switch. In other words, if a movement is too big or uncontrolled, the software can be set to not read it as a switch, increasing the accuracy of the user’s device.

This is useful for situations where a user has involuntary movement which can trigger unintentional activity (e.g., typing the wrong key on the keyboard). This new feature helps to rule out mishits from spasms or other uncontrolled movements.

2nd Switch

2nd Switch allows an amplitude to be set to a point where, if crossed, a different HID keycode will be sent instead of the “standard” keycode. If an individual can hit two target amplitudes with the same NeuroNode, he/she can have those set as two separate switch actions.

For a scanner, this would allow an individual to step scan with one movement used to move the scan box and the other used to pick the desired items.

Auto Calibration

Auto Calibration is an easy method of automatically calibrating a user’s signal settings and thresholds. This uses a prompted activation and rest period to teach the Controller App the user’s appropriate signal on and off levels.

Once you have enabled Auto Calibration, go to the Graph screen, and click on Auto Calibration to start a 60-second activation/rest cycle to allow the Controller App to automatically set Signal On/Off levels. This feature is operational, but still in development.

For more information about the NeuroNode app updates, schedule a call with your local rep.

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