Cosmos Connect: Testimonial from Leo’s Mom

We talked to one of our clients about how they use the Cosmos Connect, and how it opened up new possibilities for her son to play and learn. Check out her testimonial:

The Cosmos Connect has made a significant impact on Leo’s ability to not only play video games independently, but to play with other people. He loves playing games on his computer, but when Leo discovered he could play a video game through the Xbox on the large tv in the family room, he was ecstatic!  Even when he is playing a game or on his device he likes to still be a part of whatever the family has going on. Being able to play on the “big screen” where everyone hangs out was another door that was opened because of the Cosmos Connect. 

One of the things that excited Leo and all of us the most, was that the Cosmos Connect gives Leo the opportunity to play WITH other people too! His little sister is getting older and she thinks it is super cool to play video games with big brother. They work as a team, and have typical sibling rivalry’s over the games. Leo is dependent for all mobility so much of his play typically requires the physical assistance of another individual. The Cosmos Connect gives Leo the independence to play and interact with others without the constant assistance of mom or dad. It also provides a way for other children (or adults) to connect with him on a new level. 

There is so much that the Cosmos Connect is capable of doing, and I feel like we have only begun to learn about its’ possibilities. Giving Leo the ability to have control over his environment is a gift that helps him physically, but also helps his mental health. It helps fill his cup for controlling things around him when so much is out of his control. Leo is homeschooled, and I often see this need for control when we are trying to do school on his device, but Leo (like a typical 2nd grader!) uses his device to talk back, or say he wants to do something else or is closing in and out of lessons/pages I am trying to have him complete. I am very excited about how we can apply the Cosmos Connect in our homeschooling to help give Leo will have that control he desires. I am thinking science experiments (launching rockets, erupting volcanoes) simple engineering projects, math manipulatives and who knows what else! The Cosmos Connect allows the ability to have that control without the device in front of his face. There are many times when he just does not want his computer blocking his view from what is going on. Having the ability to have some control and participate without his computer obstructing his vision is very exciting!

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