New Recorded Course: Eye Gaze 101

The Eye Gaze 101 course, hosted by Kristin Whitfield is now available online for you to view at anytime! Designed to discuss the basics of eye gaze technology with clinicians, teachers, and family members.  Despite being an important means of access for many individuals with significant physical disabilities, some individuals are unsure of how to best introduce and teach eye gaze.   This course will provide an overview of eye gaze technology, including its place in all the different ways to access AAC.  Using case studies, we will discuss characteristics of AAC users and times when eye gaze may not be the most effective or efficient means of access.  This is the first of two courses on eye gaze–the next course will focus on practical tips for teaching eye gaze to a variety of individuals.

Sign up to receive additional information and prepare for the quiz to receive your credits or just looking to help a friend or a loved one. Click here to access the recorded course and begin your Eye Gaze journey!


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