Get New Switch Toys for the Holidays? Play with multiple with the Cosmos Connect

Play with multiple switch-adapted toys without unplugging and replugging with the Cosmos Connect

Play with your favorite switch toy or Xbox game this holiday season with the Cosmos Connect. The Cosmos Connect is available for purchase online! This small, portable device turns a single sensor into multiple outputs, allowing a user to control devices with just one switch. When paired with the NeuroNode sensor, the Cosmos Connect leverages our exclusive application to intuitively interact with a variety of personal control devices giving the user more independence with a single movement.

Control and play with your 1, 2 or 3 switch AAC adapted toys!

Connect your switch toy to the Cosmos Connect and use the preset to power it up using a NeuroNode (or any Bluetooth switch)! The Cosmos has a built in pre-set to make it easy to play with your favorite switch-activated toys.

Control and play a variety of Xbox games from the pre-set menu!

The Cosmos Connect – combined with an Xbox adaptive controller – allows a user to control 8 buttons with just one Bluetooth switch! We included 3 pre-set Xbox games with the Cosmos Connect application so you’re ready to start playing!

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