Grid Three Update: QWERTY Format Added to Scanning Interface

We’re thrilled to announce that the popular scanning interfaces for kids, young adults, and adults have received an update that will make communication even easier and more efficient. The “16 Location High Contrast Scanning Kids and Young Adults”, “16 Location Auditory Scanning Kids and Young Adults”, and “16 Location Auditory Scanning Adults” interfaces now feature a one-page QWERTY keyboard, along with several other updates that will improve the user experience.

What’s new in the QWERTY format?

The QWERTY format is a well-known keyboard layout that many people find easier to use than other formats. Here are the main features of the new QWERTY format in the scanning interfaces:

  1. All on one page: Instead of having to switch between multiple pages to access all the letters, the QWERTY keyboard is now available on a single page. This makes it faster and more intuitive to type out messages.
  2. More prediction buttons: To speed up communication even further, we’ve added more prediction buttons to the keyboard. This means that users can type out words faster by selecting suggested words as they appear on the screen.
  3. Speak button: We’ve also added a “Speak” button to the keyboard. This button lets users hear the message they’ve typed out, which can help with accuracy and confidence.

Where can I find the keyboard?

The QWERTY keyboard is now available on the “Home” page of the “16 Location Auditory Scanning Kids and Young Adults” interface, as well as in the “Building Blocks” area. This means that it’s easy to access no matter where you are in the interface.

Check out the webpage here!

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