Community Resource: Medical Page for Grid3

I’m Alexandra Knight and I have created a page set that can be used for doctor visits, hospital consultations, home health and even dental appointments.

Due to me being disabled, and being hospitalized often, I decided to make a grid set to help those who are non-verbal while in a hospital setting.  I have come up with a page set in Grid 3 for iOS that I think is useful to communicate needs.  I’m interested in the ability to express the pain level one is experiencing, the overall pain tolerance and being able to identify the location of the pain.  I have included numerous body parts on the grid.  Good communication is vital for a successful recovery.  The page set is very easy to set up and once the steps are learned, it is easy to utilize.  

I had some difficulty at the start with programming the page set, however, a Zoom call with one of the experts at Control Bionics helped me understand the process.  Each cell on the grid only takes three to five steps to set it up.  It is very flexible to allow the user to choose home cells that are repeatedly used.  The cell size can be chosen, however, one needs to think about the size of the cell for formatting.  The more cells that you add to the page, the smaller the cells appear. Conversely, the fewer cells you choose, the larger they appear.  Depending on the level of the user’s disability, larger cells can be used to make access easier, which I find a helpful option.  

If you are using iOS for Grid 3 please download and use the page set! 

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