Upcoming Presentations! Closing the Gap 2022

Control Bionics will be giving two presentation at Closing the Gap, sharing practical tips and strategies that you can take away and implement into your life immediately. Register to join us and learn first-hand from today’s leading experts in Assistive Technology who will be sharing rich resources and tools.

Spinal Cord Injury (SCI) Awareness Month

September is National Spinal Cord Injury (SCI) Awareness Month. Learn what you can do to help raise awareness and how Control Bionics AAC products can help regain control.

Communication in Rett Syndrome Webinar Series

Free to speech language pathologists and graduate students, the International Rett Syndrome Foundation has developed three one-hour webinars to assist professionals in implementing the Rett Syndrome Communication Guidelines.

[Recorded Webinar] Scanning 101: Getting Started

Check out our most recent recorded webinar featuring a Control Bionics employee, Kristin Whitfield, MA, CCC-SLP. Throughout this session, Kristin speaks to the importance of scanning for those who cannot communicate on their own.

5 Ways AAC Can Help Families with ALS

People with ALS can lose the ability to speak, but making sure they stay connected to their family and friends is something that we’re passionate about. Here are 5 ways AAC can help families with ALS.

3 Access Methods Explained

At Control Bionics, we talk a lot about the power of 3, giving users more speed and less fatigue while using their speech generating device. But what exactly are those access methods and how do they work? This blog will walk through the different methods we offer with our devices and when to use them.