Download Your Funding Road Map

We have asked our funding team to put together a checklist that outlines the basic steps of the insurance process that we go through to get the funding you need for your device.

Funding Made Easy: 3 Steps to Getting a Device

The first question we often get is “how much is a Control Bionics device?” We understand why: our technology has three powerful access methods and provides a lifetime solution for those with paralysis and loss of speech, so you might think it comes with a hefty price tag. The good news is that Control Bionics […]

Medicare Approves Life-Changing Technology for People with Disabilities

The NeuroNode provides a new solution for those with ALS/MND, Cerebral Palsy and more. Milford, Ohio, October 26, 2018 —  Control Bionics’ NeuroNode, a revolutionary life-altering assistive technology product, is universally available for people with disabilities. Control Bionics released the NeuroNode in January of 2017 at the ATIA (Assistive Technology Industry Association) in Orlando, Florida. The […]