Access Now: Expert Grid 3 Support Videos

Our resident Grid 3 expert recently created some quick how-to videos to do basic editing and other troubleshooting questions that have come up with some of our users. Watch now.

Kemal’s Journey with Assistive Technology

Before Obi and the NeuroNode Trilogy, mealtimes were frustrating. Kemal relied on one of his family members to feed him, making it harder for them to eat as a family. But with this combination of assistive technology and the help of Mater, he is able to eat and communicate independently.

Now Open: Control Bionics Online Store

Starting November 1st, we’re flipping our sign to OPEN and officially offering the Cosmos Connect for purchase online! This small, portable device turns a single sensor into multiple outputs, allowing a user to control devices with just one switch.

October is AAC Awareness Month!

Every October we recognize AAC Awareness Month in October. This year, the theme is Show Your Voice. Learn more about how Control Bionics helps users find their voice.