Introducing Control Bionics Champion, Max Bailey !

Introducing Max Bailey-Jensen! Max’s unwavering determination and use of assistive technologies have allowed him to defy his disability and strive towards Olympic participation. His remarkable journey serves as an inspiration, showcasing the power of resilience and encouraging individuals worldwide to embrace their dreams. Max’s story is a testament to the indomitable human spirit and he […]

Community Contributor: Alex Knight Reviews the NeuroNode Trilogy

Alex Knight, avid concert-goer and 29 year old Floridian living with Cerebral Palsy, gave us her honest review of the NeuroNode Trilogy, a speech generating device, and her overall opinion of the product. As a potential user herself, we were eager to hear her thoughts on how she could use the device. Check out her review of the NeuroNode Trilogy, as well as a Q&A section on how she might use the AAC product.

Kemal’s Journey with Assistive Technology

Before Obi and the NeuroNode Trilogy, mealtimes were frustrating. Kemal relied on one of his family members to feed him, making it harder for them to eat as a family. But with this combination of assistive technology and the help of Mater, he is able to eat and communicate independently.

Video Case Studies: Meet Our Users

Ryan, Ian, and Maree’s stories are three examples of how the flexibility of our systems can provide solutions to individuals with varying ages and conditions. Watch their stories.

A Wish for Gaming: Granted

In early May, Control Bionics traveled to Florida to present George with two life-changing AAC solutions that enable him to play video games.