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Webinars and Trainings

Miss one of our live webinars? Want to register for an upcoming course? Access all the trainings we’ve done in the past for speech language pathologists, occupational therapists, clinicians, end-users, and care givers. All of our courses are available here for easy access. Registration may be required.

Resources for Success

Device Trials

Are you wondering where to begin with a device trial for an individual who is new to scanning? Control Bionics has created a resource to help! Our resource includes planning worksheets, lesson plans, data sheets, and communication pages that match lesson plan activities.

For Clinicians

Clinical Information

Gain a detailed understanding of how the NeuroNode works with an explanation of EMG and Spatial modes. Get information about how to know if a candidate is right for the NeuroNode Trilogy or one of our speech generating devices. Ready for an assessment? See next steps for scheduling a trial or demo for your patient.

Downloadable Vocabulary

Page Sets for Grid 3

Access and download custom Grid 3 page sets created specifically for you. These free, customizable page sets give users the freedom to communicate how best suits them.

R+D Partnerships

Work with Us

Our major research and development strategy continues to be engaging the brightest minds to unlock the full potential of neuro-based communication and monitoring technology. We are working towards EMG-based communications and monitoring technology that will transform how even able-bodied people choose to communicate, engage, and control technology. Our team works closely with the world’s major software and device providers like Apple, Windows, and Google, to ensure our products are fully compliant with assistive software such as Apple Switch Control, Google Switch Access, and Windows Accessibility suite.

If you are a research facility or university, a PhD student, or a commercial company interested in collaboration or partnering with us, please call us at +1 (855) 831-7521 (USA) or +61 3 9897 3576 (Australia).

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