Downloadable Vocabulary:

16 location auditory scanning; adults

Designed with Scanners in Mind

Download our new custom vocabulary, 16 Location Auditory Scanning; adults, built for Grid 3. This vocab set was specifically designed for adult communicators who require auditory scanning. These individuals may have had language skills previously or otherwise need to learn language. This page set features 16 buttons with a scanning navigation base. The set is 100% auditory for scanners and every button is read aloud.

The pages are built to make it easy to convey thoughts and feelings with just one button. The words translate into a full sentence to quickly get a phrase out. Once the user is ready to start building sentences on their own, they can utilize Building Blocks within this same vocabulary. It is recommended that the device user uses a communication partner to learn communication skills and become fluent with this vocabulary.

  • Complete Scanning: Instead of saying “Row 1 or name of the row,” this vocab is set with a longer scan time to read the whole row of words every time. This gives the user more time to look at the words, and more time to listen to each word to make a selection.
  • Editable Content: This set is ready to use after download, but each button can be customized to fit the individual user. The color, placement, and words are all customizable within the software.
  • Built in Support: The Support button allows a caregiver to access tips and tricks for editing this vocab set with step-by-step instructions. Our support team is also available to provide guidance and assistance whenever needed.
  • Created for Adult Users: Phrases and words are programmed for adult communicators; no need to edit a Playtime or Snacks button, this set features Leisure Time and Take Out.

Download the Vocabulary Set for Grid 3

Home Page

The Home Page features 16 buttons with quick fire communication words designed for someone who cannot form complete sentences on their own yet. Each button has a word that when selected reads a phrase aloud. Each button is editable, so that the phrase or colors can be changed to suit every individual.

The Navigation buttons are placed on the left of the screen, making it faster for scanners to access. In addition to the quick fire words on the home page there are 4 category buttons that they can use to access; Quick Talk, Favorite Things, Building Blocks, and About Me and You.

Quick Talk

Quick Talk allows users to go through categories of topics, and then select a button to read a full sentence aloud. This is meant for quick phrases so the user can get their thoughts across quickly and easily.

This area is for those individuals who need the entire sentence, thought or word already on the button.

Favorite Things

Favorite Things is a page where users can store activities, videos, songs, games, and more. There are several empty buttons to encourage users to input their own favorite things.

These buttons can link directly to YouTube videos of songs, recorded TV shows, or movies. The computer games button links some of the Grid 3 games in one convenient place to encourage learning.

Building Blocks

Building Blocks is set up to help clients begin to put together sentences themselves. These sentences won’t necessarily be grammatically correct, and users in this section will not be expected to have articles, punctuation, or other parts of speech. The purpose of this section is to begin to learn how to get thoughts, wishes, and comments across in a way we can understand.

This section is broken out into groups to make it easier to find a certain topic and features a keyboard to spell out names and proper nouns. This section is meant to be used with a communication partner to begin learning sentences.

About Me and You

About Me and You focuses on social communication and allows the user to ask questions about others and share information about themselves.

It allows the users to learn conversational skills by volunteering information, then asking a question. These buttons are editable and can be added to depending on the users’ specific interests.

About the Creator of this Page Set

Belva Holman, B.A. ED., ATP/ATACP, is the Clinical Support Specialist & Regional Consultant at Control Bionics. She has years of experience working in special education and product development and is passionate about helping clients customize vocabulary and better use their devices.


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