Trial Period

Resources for Success

Support for New Scanners

Are you wondering where to begin with a device trial for an individual who is new to scanning? Control Bionics has created a resource to help! Our resource includes planning worksheets, lesson plans, data sheets, and communication pages that match lesson plan activities.

What You’ll Get

Control Bionics’ trial period resources for individuals who are new to scanning includes items you’ll want to get the most out of your device trial! These resources are designed to be used together with your Control Bionics Trilogy or NeuroNode Duo loaner device. Using another device for your trial? The Pre-Trial Worksheet and Trial Summary can be used with any device. Use the Lesson Plans to spark ideas as well.

Pre-Trial Worksheet

The Pre-Trial Worksheet is designed to help teams plan for the upcoming trial period, starting by setting expectations. The worksheet provides opportunities to compile information from the evaluation and decide on goals for the trial period. Not sure what kind of goals are appropriate? The Pre-Trial Worksheet has links to great resources.

Four weeks of Lesson Plans

Four weeks of lesson plans provide an overall goal for the week (e.g., focus on access, adding choice making), describes 5-9 different activities designed to target the goal, and provides tips to make adjustments as needed. A simple data collection form is included in each lesson. Is your trial period longer or shorter than four weeks? That is OK, the activities can be used for a longer time or condensed.

Trial Summary

After the trial period is over, the team can use the Trial Summary to gather their thoughts. The summary guides the team to think about the overall trial goals, access to the device, communicative functions addressed, the places and people involved in the trial, and other observations. The document also provides examples of written summaries that could be provided to insurance to request purchase of the device.

Activity and Communication Pages

Communication devices come with many, many pages. It is important to have choices for robust communication, but sometimes this can be overwhelming during a trial period. This is especially true for individuals just getting started using scanning. To set individuals up for success, we’ve created specific pages to match the activities in each of the four lesson plans.

Access the Trial Period Resources

After completing the form, you’ll be redirected to a download page with access to the pre-trial worksheet, lesson plans, and trial summary, as well as information about how to use them. If you need access to the trial gridsets to use in conjunction with the lesson plans, check the box in this form to request a loaner.