Control bionics Champions

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What is a Control Bionics Champion?

We are happy to unveil a new interactive program called Control Bionics Champions. The Champions program is how you can share your own experiences and inspire other people.

You choose your amount of contribution. the three levels being bronze silver and gold. while each will require different levels of cooperation all give an opportunity to share experiences.

the goal of Control Bionics Champions is to present regular people using our products or products similar to ours. whether its a certain grid pad you like or a difference in using different operating systems everyone has a chance to share their experience.

See what level of partnership works for you!

Bronze level.

This is the beginner level of participation

Not alot of time? Not a problem! Join in and participate when you are able. This level is all about the support. Check out, like, and share the posts and biogs from the other Control Bionics Champions. By promoting the topics and ideas you like to others, you will bring awareness of assistive technology..

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Silver/ Active

Advance Level

This is the advanced level of participation. Want to share your opinion? Have a desire to give feedback on current and future assistive technology? This is the participation level for you! Engage in survey’s and/or participate in focus groups from Control Bionics and their partners. Leks-your voice be heard! Be an active member share the posts and biogs from other Champions. Play an active role in bringing awareness of assistive technology to others

Gold/ Expert

Expert level participation.

This is the expert level of participation. Are you an individual user of assistive technology that is already sharing your journey on social media? Or are you a family member, professional, or part of a support team who is creating pages and/or content? This is the level of participation for you! Let us repost and share your content. Work with our team to write biogs and/or create content to be featured on the Control Bionics Champion page and socials. Share your expertise with others to bring awareness of assistive technology.

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