A History of Innovation

Passionate about Bionics

The Founder

Meet Peter Ford

For some people, Peter’s face may be familiar from his time as a CNN news anchor. But Peter’s real passion has always been bionics and robotics. In particular, he was inspired by the potential to help free one of the world’s great minds, Stephen Hawking.

In 1999, Peter identified that the patients’ damaged muscles still emitted small electrical signals that could be used to reliably control basic computer functions. And with that, Control Bionics was born.

Life Changing Connections

Company Milestones

Control Bionics aim is to become the world’s leading provider of innovative augmentative communication and control devices for people with speech and movement disabilities. Our entry into the assistive technology industry is based on our passion to serve those on the far end of the disability spectrum and the desire to drive the industry forward. 

  • The Beginning

    The Beginning
    Research and development begins with the help of many partners, including Professor Stephen Hawking.
  • We Incorporated

    Control Bionics is incorporated in the state of Delaware and the first international patents are filed.

  • EMG-Based NeuroEducator 4

    EMG-Based NeuroEducator 4

    The NeuroEDUCATOR 4 is launched, providing a pocket-sized EMG monitoring system for assistive technology and rehabilitation. The NeuroEDUCATOR Electromyography (EMG) Biofeedback System was designed for neuromuscular therapy aimed at returning or improving voluntary muscle control.

  • VA USA Approves Full Funding

    VA USA Approves Full Funding

    USA Department of Veterans Affairs approves full funding of the NeuroSwitch, and the first funded VA client receives their communication system.

  • FDA USA Clearance

    FDA USA Clearance

    Control Bionics is granted USA FDA clearance for the NeuroSwitch.

  • NeuroSwitch Introduced

    NeuroSwitch Introduced

    The NeuroSwitch is introduced, adding wireless, portable EMG monitoring to the AAC market.

  • Joining Forces with Therapeutic Alliances

    James Schorey joined forces with Peter Ford and brings the intellectual property of Therapeutic Alliances (TAI). Control Bionics moves USA headquarters to Milford, Ohio, and significantly expands production and product development space and capabilities.

  • Expanded Production

    Control Bionics moves USA headquarters to Milford, Ohio, and significantly expands production and product development space and capabilities.

  • NDIS Australia Approval

    NDIS Australia Approval

    Australia’s National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) approves full funding for NeuroSwitch.

  • NeuroNode Introduced

    NeuroNode Introduced

    The small, wearable NeuroNode EMG monitoring system is introduced as the successor to the NeuroSwitch.

  • Say-It-Now

    Google Say It Now with NeuroNode

    Say-It-NOW Communication Application is released on the Apple App Store.

  • NeuroNode Trilogy

    NeuroNode Trilogy

    The NeuroNode Trilogy is introduced, becoming the first funded 3-in-1 solution for communication.

  • Medicare Accreditation

    Medicare Accreditation

    Control Bionics is awarded Medicare accreditation.

  • Exponential Growth

    Exponential Growth

    Control Bionics releases Spatial Control, is granted the CE mark for the NeuroNode, establishes a second Australian headquarters office in Melbourne, VIC, gains market entry and funding into Ontario, Canada, and now offers Medicaid coverage in over 50% of US States.

“Our mission is to develop accessible, leading-edge AAC devices that can help those living with paralysis and loss of speech gain more control over their world.”

– Rob Wong, CEO, Control Bionics
Driving the Industry Forward

Operational Management


Rob Wong

Rob Wong is the Chief Executive Officer for Control Bionics. He holds a Bachelor of Business and an MBA from Melbourne University. Rob has over 25 years of experience with multinational businesses in senior management, marketing, and operational roles. He is also an entrepreneur and angel investor having been involved with several successful tech start-up businesses. He formerly held the position of CEO at AIMIA Digital Industry Association of Australia.

Rob joined Control Bionics in early 2017 and he has led the way in developing their latest product, the NeuroNode Trilogy. Rob has spent much of his time with Control Bionics presenting to industry leaders, forming research and development relations, and working hands-on with clients across the world.

Chief Financial Officer

Neale Java

Neale Java is the Chief Financial Officer (CFO) of Control Bionics and leads our operations in Australia and USA. Neale brings extensive experience in driving the growth and profitability agendas of businesses and spearheading corporate development. This experience has been shaped over the past 15 years in fast-paced, high growth environments at established firms and disruptive ventures.

Neale holds a Bachelor of Electrical Engineering (BE) from University of Wollongong, Master of Applied Finance (MAppFin) from Macquarie University and Executive Master of Business Administration (EMBA) from INSEAD. Neale has also completed the Executive Program for Growing Companies (EPGC) at Stanford and is a Graduate of the Australian Institute of Company Directors (GAICD).

Chief Technology Officer

James Schorey

James began his career at Therapeutic Technologies Inc. (TTI) as a software engineer. In ten years at TTI he rose through the ranks to become Director of Engineering, managing three FDA-registered Class II medical devices. He then went on to become the President of Therapeutic Alliances, a leader in the field of rehabilitation for paralyzed individuals.

In 2014 James joined the Control Bionics team and now serves as the Chief Technology Officer. He is the driving force behind the design and development of the NeuroNode and all of the Control Bionics product lines.

Sales Director

Meagan Koeneman

Meagan Koeneman is director of Sales for Control Bionics.  She directs all sales strategies, partners with organizations to grow product awareness, and leads field sales activities.  After spending nearly a decade supporting people and families with disabilities, Meagan believes that the key to strong sales partnerships lies in the human connection.  Being genuinely curious, empathetic, and customer-centric drives our conversations and creates the value at the heart of this team.

Meagan holds a BA in Speech & Hearing Sciences from Indiana University.  She currently resides in Indianapolis, Indiana with her husband and 3 children.

Jamie Lemsing

International Market Development Director

An enthusiastic executive leader who has keen judgment and decision-making ability honed by over 14 years of broad cross-functional, general business management and international business development experience. Jamie creates a leadership driven, customer-centric culture of passionate engagement, accountability, and positive change built on a foundation of integrity and high ethical standards. 

Jamie has significant experience in the strategic planning and launching of cutting-edge healthcare technology, medical & therapeutic devices, with focus on medical imaging, Healthcare I.T and Oncology markets worldwide.