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Control Bionics Investor Relations

Our most recent key ASX announcements together with our corporate governance policies can be found here.

If you have any further questions regarding investing in Control Bionics Limited, please contact Brett Crowley, Company Secretary, at or at +61 411 713 555.

ASX Announcements

Notification Regarding Unquoted Securities – 23 DEC 2021

Change of Directors Interests Notice – 23 DEC 2021

Morgan’s Investment Conference Presentation – 24 NOV 2021

Details of Company Address – 18 NOV 2021

Change of Directors Interests Notice – 10 NOV 2021

Change of Directors Interests Notice – 1 NOV 2021

Change of Directors Interests Notice – 29 OCT 2021

Quarterly Activities Report – 27 OCT 2021

Introduction of Rental Alternative to Australian Market – 20 OCT 2021

Results of AGM – 13 OCT 2021

2021 AGM Presentation – 13 OCT 2021

Change of Directors Interests Notice – 29 SEP 2021

Change of Directors Interests Notice – 27 SEP 2021

Change of Directors Interests Notice – 22 SEP 2021

Notice of Annual General Meeting – 13 SEP 2021

Appendix 4E – 26 AUG 2021

Appendix 4G – 26 AUG 2021

Corporate Governance Statement – 26 AUG 2021

2021 Annual Report – 26 AUG 2021

Cleansing notice – 11 AUG 2021

Application for quotation of securities – CBL – 11 AUG 2021

Release of shares from escrow – 8 AUG 2021

Reseller agreement with DNR Wheels – Singapore – 27 JUL 2021

Monthly Activities/Appendix 4C Cash Flow Report Q4 – 27 JUL 2021

Appendix 4C – Quarterly – 28 APR 2021

Appendix 2A – Release from mandatory escrow – 18 APR 2021

Reseller agreement with Numotion – US – 6 APR 2021

Release of shares from escrow – 5 APR 2021

Change of Director’s Interest Notice – Lismore – 21 MAR 2021

Becoming a substantial holder – 7 MAR 2021

Half Year Results Investor Presentation – 24 FEB 2021

Half year results commentary – 24 FEB 2021

Half Yearly Report and Accounts – 24 FEB 2021

Release of shares from voluntary escrow – 22 FEB 2021

Release of half year results and webinar – 22 FEB 2021

Section 708A(5)(e) Notice – 15 FEB 2021

Appendix 2A – 15 FEB 2021

Appointment of CFO – 7 FEB 2021

Appendix 4C – quarterly –20 JAN 2021

Notice Pursuant to s.708A(5)(e) Corporations Act – 13 JAN 2021

Appendix 2A – 13 JAN 2021

Details of Company Address – 11 JAN 2021

Release of shares from mandatory escrow – 3 JAN 2021

Becoming a substantial holder – Nightingale – 8 DEC 2020

Becoming a substantial holder – Ford – 8 DEC 2020

Initial Director’s Interest Notice – Lismore – 8 DEC 2020

Initial Director’s Interest Notice – Ford – 8 DEC 2020

Initial Director’s Interest Notice – Phillips – 8 DEC 2020

Initial Director’s Interest Notice – Wong – 8 DEB 2020

Initial Director’s Interest Notice – Hawke – 8 DEC 2020

CBL Raises $15m via IPO to Fund International Expansion – 7 DEC 2020

Pre-quotation disclosure – 3 DEC 2020

Top 20 holders – 3 DEC 2020

Distribution schedule – 3 DEC 2020

Trading policy – 3 DEC 2020

Corporate governance statement – 3 DEC 2020

Option terms – 3 DEC 2020

Employee share option plan – 3 DEC 2020

30 June 2020 financial statements – 3 DEC 2020

30 June 2019 financial statements – 3 DEC 2020

Constitution – 3 DEC 2020

Prospectus – 3 DEC 2020

Appendix 1A and Information Form and Checklist – 3 DEC 2020

ASX market release – Admission and Quotation – 3 DEC 2020

Latest News


Board of Directors

Founder and Director of Innovation

Peter Ford

For some people, Peter’s face may be familiar from his time as a CNN news anchor. But Peter’s real passion has always been bionics and robotics. In particular, he was inspired by the potential to help free one of the world’s great minds, Stephen Hawking.

In 1999, Peter identified that the patients’ damaged muscles still emitted small electrical signals that could be used to reliably control basic computer functions. And with that, Control Bionics was born.


Roger Hawke

Roger has over 30 years of experience in the telecommunications and technology space, having recently retired after 8 years as CEO & Managing Director of Crown Castle Australia/Axicom, and brings a high level of experience particularly in Technology, Operations, Sales and Management.

Roger holds BEng (SAIT), MES (Sydney) and MBA (Macquarie) degrees and is a Member of the Australian Institute of Company Directors.

Roger joined the Board of Control Bionics in October 2018.


Rob Wong

Rob Wong is the Chief Executive Officer for Control Bionics. He holds a Bachelor of Business and an MBA from Melbourne University. Rob has over 25 years of experience with multinational businesses in senior management, marketing, and operational roles. He is also an entrepreneur and angel investor having been involved with several successful tech start-up businesses. He formerly held the position of CEO at AIMIA Digital Industry Association of Australia.

Rob joined Control Bionics in early 2017 and he has led the way in developing their latest product, the NeuroNode Trilogy. Rob has spent much of his time with Control Bionics presenting to industry leaders, forming research and development relations, and working hands-on with clients across the world.

Board Member

Lindsay Phillips

As a highly-experienced private equity fund Managing Director and Chairman, Lindsay is a key member of the Control Bionics’ leadership team. Lindsay first invested in Control Bionics in 2005.

Lindsay was Managing Director of Lazard Australia Private Equity from 2007 to 2012. Since 2012 Lindsay has been Chairman of Phoenix Development Fund and Nightingale Partners. He holds a Bachelor of Commerce from the University of Western Australia and is a member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Australia.

Board Member

Damian Lismore

Damian has held a number of Directorships and has extensive commercial, international and listed company experience (both ASX and NASDAQ), covering many industries including healthcare and technology. In his executive career, he held CEO, CFO and Company Secretarial roles and continues to act as an advisor to CEOs, boards and business owners. Damian joined the Control Bionics board in September 2020 and is a Graduate Member of Australian Institute of Company Directors, Member of Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand, Fellow of Chartered Accountants in Ireland and holds a BA (Honours) Accountancy. Damian is currently CFO of Scout Bio Inc, a Frazier Healthcare Partners backed company, and a Non-Executive Director of ASX listed LBT Innovations Limited (ASX:LBT).

Company Secretary

Brett Crowley

Brett is a practicing solicitor and a former Partner of Ernst & Young in Hong Kong and Australia, and of KPMG in Hong Kong. He is a former Senior Legal Member of the NSW Guardianship Tribunal and the NSW Civil and Administrative Tribunal.

Brett has extensive ASX-listed company experience. He is currently chairman of Jatcorp Limited (ASX:JAT) and company secretary of three other ASX-listed companies.