You decide where, Drove takes you there.

DROVE is a world first, Australian made autonomous wheelchair module that offers the user the ability to independently traverse a home environment.

A variety of access methods can be used to select pre-defined destinations on an AAC system. This removes the need for the acute and many joystick movements typically required to navigate tight corridors and doorways in a home. This solution offers a highly reliable and consistent driving method that gives the independence back to the user.  


Choice. Control. Freedom

Designed to give the independence back to the user, DROVE offers a unique, complete
solution to in-home travel.


Use your existing skills

Use DROVE how you would use your communication software.

The DROVE user interface can be operated via touch, switch and/or eye gaze access methods.

Multiple Destinations

Let DROVE take you there

Set multiple destinations within your home with your qualified technician and leave in-home joystick control in the past.

Once set, DROVE will know how to take you to each of your chosen destinations, all you need to do is select it!


Eyes on the ground

DROVE sees, detects and prevents.

The twelve obstacle detection sensors on the ground level detect obstacles in the path and ensures that the user is travelling safely.


New SafeTrak Technology

Never goes off the rails.

DROVE is equipped with an advanced camera system that creates a virtual railway within the home, always staying within the carefully curated railway path.


Registered NDIS Provider

Get the device you need, fully funded.

The NDIS provides funding to participants for supports and services aimed at increasing their independence, inclusion, and social and economic participation.


24/7 technical support. Anywhere, anytime.

You’ll always have a resource to help with your system.

We can support a DROVE user anywhere in the world via email, phone, or via an internet-enabled virtual visit. You’ll have access to our network of support that will get the user moving again in no time.

Take a deeper look into what DROVE can do for you

What’s in the Box

  • DROVE Control Module
  • SafeTrak software navigation system & camera
  • SafeTrak ceiling nodes
  • Twelve obstacle detection sensors and mounting chassis
  • Safety stop button
  • User guide
  • Wiring to connect to your wheelchair

DROVE is pending ARTG inclusion.

“Brodie was more relaxed than we have seen her in such a long time.”

– Donna Shaw, Mother of Brodie Shaw, DROVE case study