How it Works

EMG and Spatial Technology


How It Works

The NeuroNode is a small, wireless sensor that attaches to a user with an adhesive electrode or non-adhesive electrode and NeuroNode band. The patient can set NeuroNode to activate in one of two modes, EMG or Spatial. Watch the 2 minute video to learn more.


EMG (electromyography) is the measurement of electrical activity associated with the activation of a muscle group as detected by non-invasive electrodes on the surface of the skin.

While the NeuroNode’s use of EMG for augmentative and alternative communication (AAC) a technological breakthrough, EMG has been used in clinical and research settings for decades. We have spent 10 years advancing the EMG technology inside the NeuroNode specifically for people living with severe motor impairments.

Read more about EMG, download the Article: Methods of EMG Switching


Spatial mode allows the device to track its location in space and create a switch based on that location.

In the alternative Spatial mode, the NeuroNode is placed on some part of the body registering voluntary movement – no matter how big or small the movement is. This movement is captured instantaneously by the NeuroNode and presented to the client and clinician in the NeuroNode Controller Application.

NeuroNode Controller App

Visual Graphic Feedback

Once a mode is determined, use the NeuroNode Controller Application to ensure the patient can make a switch. The application provides visual and auditory feedback as well as real-time graphing of the clients signaling ability – making calibration and customization a quick and simple process.

Control Bionics Communication Device

Pair a NeuroNode with the Trilogy

On a communication device like the NeuroNode Trilogy, the client’s switch is translated into a mouse click to manipulate a communication and control software. This can allow the patient to operate a keyboard appropriate to their needs – from something very simple, like a list of a few words, to a full alphanumeric keyboard with predictive text for speaking and writing in fluent, complete thoughts.

The mouse controls can provide full access to all of the computer’s features for web browsing, sending email, etc.

Faster Speed, Less Fatigue

The NeuroNode Trilogy

Control Bionics offers a suite of dedicated speech generating devices and accessories to give people living with complex communication and physical needs their voice.

The NeuroNode Trilogy combines eye control, touch control, and NeuroNode control for the world’s fastest, lowest-fatigue eye gaze system.

In a new study, users found that combining eye gaze and EMG switching outperforms traditional methods by 47%.

“The beauty comes when we integrate both [the NeuroNode and eye gaze] technologies, so that she can use her eyes as the mouse on the computer and then the NeuroNode as a click, which is going to give her more accuracy, meaning faster speed and less fatigue when using the system for communication.”

Alex Alvarado, Biomedical Engineer

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