The EyeGaze Duo

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The EyeGaze Duo is a dedicated speech generating device providing streamlined access through either touch or eye gaze.

Eye gaze allows users to control a computer mouse with their eyes. The camera and software determine what button the user is looking at and, if they hold their gaze long enough, the device selects it. Both eye gaze and touch access can be fully customized to meet the needs of the user with the EyeGaze Duo. Both can be used with symbols or letters/words for communication. The device can also be used to text or make phone calls as well as other environmental controls.

Now available in Windows and iOS
The EyeGaze Duo System


For Windows configurations, you have the choice of state-of-the-art eye tracking cameras, Hiru and Alea. Either will work indoors and out, giving the user more accuracy and autonomy to communicate wherever they go.

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Foundation that’s more than enough

A system that runs on an established, trusted device.

The base of the EyeGaze Duo gives you the power of a computer with the flexibility of a tablet. It easily powers the eye gaze and speech-generating software you need to communicate.

Eye Tracking Hardware

State-of-the-art optic technology

Freedom to use your device wherever you are. 

Developed for indoor and outdoor use, our state of the art eye-tracking hardware was designed with OutdoorVision Technology™ giving you the freedom to communicate wherever you go.

Algorithm-Based Software

Powerful algorithms at work

Machine learning improves the experience.

A highly accurate camera with learning algorithm that’s constantly working to improve. The software works behind the scenes to give you the best experience with minimal effort.


Communication software that fits the user

Gives the user tools to express themselves and communicate independently.

Communication software utilizes letters, words, phrases, or symbols for users to access or learn language. The EyeGaze Duo is compatible with multiple communication software programs, allowing for the best option available for each individual user.


Our experts are here to explore all options

Our team guides you through funding so you can focus on what matters most.

Our internal, dedicated funding team will guide both user and professionals through the ins and outs of the complicated insurance/provider landscape. Our experts work with you to explore every funding option and find the best solution for each unique client. Learn More


24/7 technical support. Anywhere, anytime.

You’ll always have a resource to help with your device. 

We can support an EyeGaze Duo user anywhere in the world via email, phone, or internet-enabled virtual visit. Access to our network of support that allows the device user to get back to communicating as soon as possible. Learn More

What’s in the Box

  • Dedicated Speech Generating Device
  • Device Charger
  • Eye-tracking Camera
  • Eye-tracking Camera Connector Cables
  • Language Software – Full License

“I no longer get tired because I use the NeuroNode to select what I want instantly… The NeuroNode Trilogy System is by far the most thought out assistive technology device that I have ever seen.”

– Emma Lockwood, Student, Entrepreneur, + NeuroNode Controller
Work with what works for you

All Configurations

EyeGaze Duo –

The EyeGaze Duo in a Windows configuration, with your choice of Hiru or Alea eye gaze camera with state-of-the-art optic technology.

EyeGaze Duo –

The EyeGaze Duo in an iOS configuration, with the Hiru eye gaze camera with state-of-the-art optic technology.

Smartbox G13 EyeGaze Duo

Smartbox G13 render front

With added durability and best in class battery life, the Smartbox G13 EyeGaze Duo offers users additional switch ports, built-in IR, Alea NXT camera, improved speaker output, and a 12-hour battery life, all in the same funded solution.

Easy upgrade to NeuroNode Trilogy

Start with the EyeGaze Duo – Windows or EyeGaze Duo – iOS now and you can upgrade later to the NeuroNode Trilogy simply by adding a NeuroNode. Whether your condition changes or access methods need improvement, it’s a simple upgrade.

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