The NeuroNode Duo

Access Full Potential


The NeuroNode Duo is a speech generating device with powerful access methods that make the user more effective in communicating.

With EMG (electromyography) and Spatial control options, the NeuroNode Duo gives the user communication possibilities they’ve never had before.  The wireless sensor moves with the user, allowing flexible placement for users of all abilities and range of motion – even the most minimal movement can trigger the sensor, giving the user control and independence.

NeuroNode Duo Surface NN Kit photo
The NeuroNode Duo System

Customized Access for Consistent Use

Combining touch control and the NeuroNode sensor, the NeuroNode Duo a flexible solution helps the user be more efficient in their communication.

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Foundation that’s more than enough

A communication system that runs on established, trusted equipment.

The base of the NeuroNode Duo device gives you the power of a computer with the flexibility of a tablet. It easily powers the NeuroNode and speech-generating software the user needs to communicate.

EMG Mode

Full control of your communication system

The slightest movement makes all the difference.

EMG, or electromyography, is the measurement of electrical activity associated with the activation of a muscle group. The NeuroNode uses EMG technology to identify the intent of muscle activity, recognizing even the slightest electrical impulse.

Spatial Mode

A sensor that moves with you

The NeuroNode turns movement into a selection on your device, no matter how big or small.

With traditional switches, users must move to a specific point to make their activation.  Initiating and timing this movement can be hard. With the NeuroNode, the sensor is wearable and can be anywhere in space when the activation movement is made, removing the requirement to move to the switch first.


Communication software that fits the user

Gives the user tools to express themselves and communicate independently.

Communication software utilizes letters, words, phrases, or symbols for users to access or learn language. The NeuroNode Duo is compatible with multiple communication software programs, allowing for the best option available for each individual user.


Our experts are here to explore all options

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24/7 technical support. Anywhere, anytime.

You’ll always have a resource to help with your device. 

We can support a NeuroNode Duo user anywhere in the world via email, phone, or internet-enabled virtual visit. Access to our network of support that allows the device user to get back to communicating as soon as possible. Learn More


A Powerful Access Method

The NeuroNode is a sensor which offers the combined power of EMG and 3D spatial control. The NeuroNode is flexible and doesn’t require specific body position or lighting conditions. It allows users to choose muscle control or movement control to operate the NeuroNode Duo all in one small, wearable device.

What’s in the Box

  • Dedicated Speech Generating Device
  • Device Charger
  • Language Software – Full License
  • NeuroNode*
  • NeuroNode Accessory Kit

* The NeuroNode is billed separately as a speech generating device accessory under code E2599

“I no longer get tired because I use the NeuroNode to select what I want instantly… The NeuroNode Trilogy System is by far the most thought out assistive technology device that I have ever seen.”

– Emma Lockwood, Student, Entrepreneur, + NeuroNode Controller
Work with what works for you

All Configurations

NeuroNode Duo –

Uno Touch Surface photo

The NeuroNode Duo in a Windows configuration.

NeuroNode Duo –

Combining the flexible NeuroNode sensor, and an Apple iPad, this device lets you operate your speech generating software using iOS. You can choose between the 10.9″ or 12.9″ iPad for your NeuroNode Duo iOS.

Smartbox G13 NeuroNode Duo

Smartbox G13 render front

With added durability and best in class battery life, the Smartbox G13 NeuroNode Duo offers users additional switch ports, built-in IR, improved speaker output, and a 12-hour battery life, all in the same funded solution.

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