The NeuroNode Trilogy

More Speed, Less Fatigue

The NeuroNode Trilogy combines touch, eye control, and EMG/Spatial control for a faster and less fatiguing dedicated speech generating device.

The NeuroNode Trilogy has three access methods to provide a flexible communication solution for those with complex speech and physical needs. Multimodal access makes the user more efficient in communicating, up to 47% faster than traditional eye gaze.

Three-month rental with buyout option starting from $8,000 AUD
Purchase starting from $20,875 AUD

Now available in Windows and iOS
The NeuroNode Trilogy System

The Power of 3

Combining touch control, eye control and the NeuroNode sensor, the NeuroNode Trilogy is the intuitive and flexible solution that is customisable user’s needs. The NeuroNode Trilogy’s unique multimodal access allows the user to significantly increase communication speed and output.


Foundation that’s more than enough

Established, trusted equipment to efficiently run your system. The base of the NeuroNode Trilogy is a trusted computer operating professional-grade programs.

The technical specs meet the requirements to access the device and communicate; powerful enough to handle Eye Gaze, the NeuroNode, and run the programs you need.

Eye Gaze

A key component of the NeuroNode Trilogy

Gain control and access to communication with your eyes.

Eye gaze is a way of accessing a communication aid using a mouse that you control with your eyes. The eye gaze camera recognises the user’s eyes and gives the user control over a speech generating device to make sections of vocabulary or symbols.

Powerful Combination

Fits the users needs as they change

Multimodal access increases speed and ease of communication.

The 3-in-1 solution, combining touch control, eye gaze control, and the NeuroNode sensor, gives the user different access options. These integrated options provide the user flexibility to change between methods depending on their needs. Users can also combine methods for a more customised approach.


Communication Software Compatibility

Gives the user tools to express themselves and communicate independently.

Communication software utilises letters, words, phrases, or symbols for users to access or learn language to connect and communicate with others. The NeuroNode Trilogy comes with a pre-loaded, full communication software license.


Registered NDIS Provider

Get the device you need, fully funded.

The NDIS provides funding to participants for supports and services aimed at increasing their independence, inclusion, and social and economic participation. This includes speech generating devices.


24/7 technical support, anywhere, anytime.

You’ll always have a resource to help with your device. 

We can support a NeuroNode Trilogy user anywhere in the world via email, phone, or via an internet-enabled virtual visit. You’ll have access to our network of support that allows the device user to keep using their voice, even through technical difficulties. Learn More


A Powerful Access Method

At the heart of the NeuroNode Trilogy is the NeuroNode, a sensor which offers the combined power of EMG (electromyography) and 3D spatial control. This allows users to choose muscle control or movement control to operate the NeuroNode Trilogy all in one small, wearable device.

What’s in the Box

  • Microsoft Windows Tablet 
  • Protective case 
  • Device Charger 
  • Mounting Frame for eye gaze camera 
  • Rehadapt VESA mounting bracket 
  • Eye gaze Camera 
  • Eye gaze Camera USB cable 
  • Communication software license
  • NeuroNode device 
  • NeuroNode charger kit 
  • Wall plug 
  • NeuroNode electrodes 
  • NeuroNode accessory kit
  • NeuroNode bands

“I no longer get tired because I use the NeuroNode to select what I want instantly… The NeuroNode Trilogy System is by far the most thought out assistive technology device that I have ever seen.”

– Emma Lockwood, Student, Entrepreneur, + NeuroNode Controller
Work with What Works for You

All Configurations

NeuroNode Trilogy –

The NeuroNode Trilogy in a Windows configuration, with your choice of Hiru or Alea eye gaze camera with state-of-the-art optic technology.

NeuroNode Trilogy –

The NeuroNode Trilogy in an iOS configuration, with the Hiru eye gaze camera with state-of-the-art optic technology.

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